Welcome to BloodLoop — Introduction

Great things are built on great foundations.

In this series of introductory articles, we’re going to lay the foundations of BloodLoop, exposing essential features and main aspects of each crucial point of the project, to make clear to everyone what will be the keystones of our future success.

But let’s start with the basics. Who are we?

BloodLoop is an MMO-FPS game with a decentralized economic ecosystem and game dynamics inspired by the world’s leading competitive video games.

BloodLoop was born from the need to overcome the huge numerical disparity of gamers between the world web2 and web3.
Worldwide, there are more than 3.4 billion unique daily gamers, but only 14 million users have approached decentralized titles regularly.

As gamers, we decided to take an in-depth look at the matter, trying to highlight the key fundamental points behind this discrepancy, and the results of our research were pretty obvious:

Most of the titles released so far, do not set as their main goal the user’s experience towards the game, do not provide immersiveness, and in general do not resemble the titles that gamers are normally fond of.

The main goal of BloodLoop is not just to develop a product whose raison d’être is its decentralized economy or potential earnings for users (of course P2E and earning mechanics are built-in and crucial) but to make a well-defined AAA video game that can make the most of out of features and possibilities that a decentralized environment can offer.

We aim to offer each user complete control of their game assets, within a universe built for them and by them, where the gaming experience reigns supreme.

Precisely in favor of this, our game model is easily learnable, with crafting and farming mechanics common to other video games on the market, albeit with unique twists offered by the possibilities of web3. Everything is enriched by the social part of the game, which allows us to define ourselves as an MMO product, and puts the reins of the advancement of the game story in the hands of the gamers.

Thanks to our unique Clan War mechanism, which we will talk about more in the upcoming mediums, players will have to actively collaborate to bring home, in addition to a rich loot, the possibility to have greater decision-making power in the DAO. The balance of power, for the first time, will not be decided by the wealth of one’s wallet, but by the playing and organizational skills of the individual members and leaders, who will have to guide each clash with clarity and determination.

TL;DR: no more shady P2E games based only on their revenue models. Web3 is an amazing world, and gaming is one of its natural applications. Join us on our journey, and get to play the first MMO-FPS with a play-and-earn model.

There’s always more…

Over the coming weeks, we will be regularly updating our community on developments and overall progress. Some of the topics we will be covering will include:

2. Introduction to BloodLoop — Main Gameplay Dynamics.
3. In-Game Economy — Player-Driven economic model.
4. Loop Council — Governance model: the role of the community.
5. Tokenomics and launch metrics — Let’s talk business.
6. 7 Digital Labs — Who’s behind BloodLoop?



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